Platform Overview

Hutto's Hot Topics 

Financial Sustainability

Priority: Discern economic priorities for a conservative budget. 

Vision: Stabilized expenses for now and future generations.

Mission: Advanced financial forecasting, providing tax relief and minimizing debt.


Balanced Growth

Priority: Maintain City services and mitigate adverse impacts of explosive growth.

Vision:  Balanced maintenance, economic development, and reasonable business policies.

Mission: Pace expansion with financial feasibility to ensure our investments bring value.


Open Government

Priority: Empower others to contribute and thrive. 

Vision: Transparency, accountability, and honesty.

Mission: Informed decisions that support our community’s best interests. 


Community Enrichment

Priority: Training and development of personnel, Council, and volunteers.

Vision: Value the resolution of complaints as an opportunity to improve. 

Mission: Public services, benefiting residents and business opportunists.