Platform Overview

Hutto's Top 5 Hot Topics

Issue: Corruption

  • Priority: Uphold the duties of office as a Representative for the People.

  • Vision: Wholesome solutions benefiting the greater good of humanity.

  • Mission: Collaborate to achieve shared goals of high standards which reestablish our reputation as a community committed to welcoming civil discourse because diverse involvement generates better ideas for creative solutions and prevents mistakes.

Ideas for Change:

  • Internal Audit Committee, Council's appointments hire a Professional Consultant.

  • Digital message board for Council to engage collectively, stored as public record per TOMA.

Issue: Explosive Growth

  • Priority: Maintain City services and prepare for adverse impacts of growth.

  • Vision: Balance maintenance with plans for Economic Development.

  • Mission: Forecast the pace of expansion projects and financial feasibility to ensure our investments bring value to our quality of life, support public safety, enhance civil services, and minimize environmental impact.

Ideas for Change:

  • Return the at-a-glance log of agendas, minutes, packets, videos to the City website.

  • Rotating Council Chats on Saturdays as a bridge between community and our future.

Issue: Rebound from Financial Crisis

  • Priority: Discern economic priorities for a conservatively sustainable budget.

  • Vision: Stabilized expenses for now and future generations.

  • Mission: Collaborate to adopt a fiscally conservative budget with an advanced 5 year financial forecast which allows us to thrive while living within our economic means, provides tax relief, and reduces debt.

Ideas for Change:

  • Digital Checkbook on the website with a ticker for revenues, expenses, and debt service.

  • Log of released, open records posted proactively on the City website.

Issue: Governmental Overreach

  • Priority: Empower others to contribute and thrive.

  • Vision: Open government of transparency, accountability, and honesty.

  • Mission: Proactively provide support to the well-being of our municipal institution by making informed decisions that exceed the expectations of our community’s best interests.

Ideas for change:

  • Preliminary agendas for subsequent meetings, made available by the following Friday.

  • Preliminary minutes from meetings, made available within one week.

Issue: Cultural Divide

  • Priority: Professional development of staff and training for volunteers.

  • Vision: Value the resolution of complaints as an opportunity to better service basic needs.

  • Mission: Foster a healthy environment of working together by directing focus on improvements which benefit residents and provide reasonable policies for businesses.

Ideas for change:

  • Dissolve Council Liaison assignments and replace with Staff Liaisons.

  • Revive Citizen's University and quarterly HOA meetings to improve awareness..