From the Community:

"Nicole will provide historical knowledge and discernment... Nicole has demonstrated accountability. She will do the right thing no matter who is watching, like it or not. On top of all that, she knows the Charter.. I've learned a ton from her."

"I love your blunt honesty - it's refreshing."

"Wanted to send you strong feelings of support from myself and many others that have been in your corner for years now. Don't let ANY circumstances rattle or distract you while sooo close to the prize. WE ARE STANDING BEHIND YOU AND STANDING BESIDE YOU. You are a warrior for the citizens of Hutto and everything that stands for Hutto. Good luck, God Bless!"

"You still have my vote! You have fought for Hutto and I appreciate that!"

"No matter what anyone says... you are the best."

"Hutto needs Nicole! She’s fighting the good fight for transparency, accountability and sound ethical practices within our local government. Through her honest and respectful actions, I feel she can further the cause to uproot and expose the wasteful, even perhaps fraudulent, processes of Hutto’s governance. "

"ABSOLUTELY... fighting for a better Hutto!"

"Nicole is an amazing determined woman!! She’s honest, caring & loving!!! One of the best humans I know!!!!"

"Without a doubt it is time for honesty in leadership."

"To help Hutto be better managed."