Honesty, Integrity, Tenacity

My campaign for the People's office of Hutto City Council, 

To ensure the integrity of Hutto's legacy, promote transparency, and enforce accountability for the establishment of an ethical atmosphere, which allows for staff and industry professionals to conduct City business that will nurture a healthy quality-of-life so residents may thrive.

Talking Points

Fiscal Stewardship

Priority: Discern economic necessities for a lean budget. 

Vision: Stabilized expenses for now and future generations.

Mission: Advanced financial forecasting to provide tax relief and minimal debt.



Priority: Maintain City services by mitigating the adverse impacts of explosive expansion.

Vision:  Balance maintenance and cohesive development with reasonable business policies.

Mission: Pace growth with economic and environmental impact to ensure investments bring value.


Open Government enhances our Quality of Life

Priority: Empower the community to contribute and thrive. 

Vision: Honest transparency, "Let's be real," systems of accountability, "Exercise the flex."

Mission: Informed decisions and swift justice support our community’s best interests. 


Community Engagement

Priority: Training and development of personnel, Council, and volunteers.

Vision: Value complaints as an opportunity to improve. 

Mission: Public services, benefiting residents and business opportunists.